Cherry Slab Desk

I was commissioned to build a desk featuring a curved top and using a large slab of American Black Cherry as the top. Having used turned tapered legs on the Sycamore coffee table I felt it was time to take it to the next level by incorporating intersecting mortise and tenon joints in the round legs. Much of the inspiration for the design is from midcentury modern furniture. The desk frame itself is made of Butternut; there was an contrasting board with an incredible grain that I wanted to continue across the face of the frame. The drawers are of Butternut and Cherry. The drawer pulls, tenon wedges, and slab bowties are all of Black Walnut. The Desk was finished simply with tung oil.

Below is the original design narrative:

A desk is the physical manifestation of the mind of she who sits at it. Clean lines, simple understand design elements, elegant proportions; a blank page for creative and efficient work. The desk has a close and intimate relationship with the owner, a silent muse and servant, it must provide space, storage, and convenience. It must be free of distraction and adornment, imparting a sense of airiness and openness to its owner. “At this desk, anything can be achieved!”

Gradual curves will envelope the owner with rich cherry wood, providing ample open space upon which to spread out. Thin, tapered wooden legs, anchor the desk, yet do not distract from the surface. A lower frame mirrors the surfaces curvature and provides space for two drawers for those necessary tools of creation.

Original Concept Render

Concept of the desk:

The Finished Desk

Finished Desk

Close up of right side

Below is a picture of the initial render of the leg joinery:

Leg joinery render

And how it all came together:

Leg joinery detail on finished desk

The Build Process

For many more pictures, please check out this google photo album.

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