Composer With Behat: Initial Setup

As you might have noticed, I have been getting really into Composer for PHP dependency management. This post details the setup for automated BDD testing using Behat.

To start, add these guys to your composer.json file:

    "behat/mink-sahi-driver": "*",

Now, update or install the libraries:

composer install

This will install all the dependencies, creating a vendor directory, and provide a local instance for running behat: bin/behat If you run that, at this point you should get something like this:

RuntimeException Context class not found.

Customizing the Setup

Now we should setup the rest of the application to be in a position to write tests (first, of course) and build out the application. I start off with utilities for configuring and setting up the application.

Build a folder structure:

mkdir -pv application/config

Create the necessary files:

touch build-deploy/config-templates/behat.yml

And add this basic configuration:

# behat.yml
    features: '%behat.paths.base%/../../features'
    bootstrap:  '%behat.paths.features%/bootstrap'
      base_url: '<YOUR_LOCALHOST_URL>'
      goutte: ~

Obviously replacing the base_url with that of your local host URL, assuming this is local development.

Now run bin/behat --init to create the feature folders that you can use to build your BDD tests. At this point, running the standard command bin/behat should yield something like the following:

No scenarios No steps 0m0.002s

I prefer to use Ant to script common processes in the application, so you can follow suit and do the same, create a build.xml file in your build-deploy directory with these contents:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project name="Build" default="help" basedir="../">
    <target name="help" description="Display detailed usage information">
        <echo>Type "ant -p" to see a list of targets</echo>
    <target name="behat" description="Runs BDD tests with Behat">
        <exec dir="${basedir}" executable="bin/behat" failonerror="true">
            <arg value="--config" />
            <arg value="${basedir}/application/config/behat.yml" />
    <target name="configure" description="Configure application.">
        <copy file="${basedir}/build-deploy/config-templates/behat.yml" tofile="${basedir}/application/config/behat.yml" overwrite="true" />

This should be it! From the build-deploy directory run:

ant configure behat

Which will run the configuration script and put your behat.yml file in the right place, and then run the behat test suite using your configuration file. In the future just use:

ant behat

GO and have fun building your .feature files and a nice BDD driven application!

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