Custom Triple Tree Clamp For Yamaha Xs1100 Special

Here are a few pictures of the build process for making a new version of a cleaned up custom triple tree clamp for the Yamaha XS1100 Special:

Some time ago, I made a custom clamp for my own XS1100 special build. The idea was to clean up the existing clamp, support a single gauge dash, and allow for clip on handle bars, here is the result:

triple tree clamp version 1

Machining Process

I think I would have done things differently were I do make another run of these parts, but I wanted to get as many out of the block of aluminum as possible. I started by cutting out over sized blanks on the water jet:

I also machined a custom soft jaws to hold the blank for the first operation:

The first operation decked the surface, and cut the bores:

I made a fixture plate to hold the clamp for the next two operations:

This plate let me hole the part down for the second operation:

And then vertically for the third operation, which used a slitting saw to cut the clamp slot, and then drilled the clamp holes:

The new design looks clean and mean:

I'm selling these for $250 each, please contact me for more information or if you would like a custom part!

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