DTOx Update: Generate Code On The Web!

A little while back, I wrote about the project DTOx which you could use on the command line to rapidly generate both the class and the test for a "Data Transfer Object". With the latest release, you can now enter all your information via a web interface.

Check it out here: http://dtox.pagodabox.com/

What's new?

Very little has changed about the actual code generation methods, but some cool front end technologies were employed to bring about this new user interface:

Dtox Interface Example.

What's next?

Here is a list of things I'm thinking about doing in the short term, in no particular order:

  • Integration command line documentation into the main website.
  • Adding proper validation to the input fields.
  • Updating the generation API to more cleanly serve both the web and the console.
  • Adding the ability to save the file made
  • Adding ability to also make a DTO builder pattern class.
  • Improving the web application testing.

If any of these seem more interesting to you than the others, please let me know!

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