How To Enhance Your Octopress Draft And Heroku Deploy Process

One of the things I am enjoying about my recent switch to Octopress, is that it really is a "blogging framework for hackers". Specifically, when I find things that are less than ideal, it is not too hard to whip up some rake tasks to fix them. Here were my requirements:

  • I want to create a draft separate from a post, so that I can compose when inspired and not worry about flooding the internet with many posts at once.
  • I want to quickly publish a draft so that I can release posts during appropriate times.
  • I want to very quickly deploy to Heroku to save time.

To solve these problems, I referenced the work on this post and this gist. The result are three new rake tasks:

rake new_draft['Post Title']

This task does basically what the new_post task does except it:

  • Puts the file in a _drafts directory.
  • Eliminates the date from both the file name and the YAML front matter.
  • Adds published: false to the front matter.
# usage rake new_draft[my-new-draft] or rake new_draft['my new draft']
desc "Begin a new draft in #{source_dir}/#{drafts_dir}"
task :new_draft, :title do |t, args|
  if args.title
    title = args.title
    title = get_stdin("Enter a title for your post: ")
  raise "### You haven't set anything up yet. First run `rake install` to set up an Octopress theme." unless
  mkdir_p "#{source_dir}/#{drafts_dir}"
  filename = "#{source_dir}/#{drafts_dir}/#{title.to_url}.#{new_post_ext}"
  if File.exist?(filename)
    abort("rake aborted!") if ask("#{filename} already exists. Do you want to overwrite?", ['y', 'n']) == 'n'
  puts "Creating new draft: #{filename}"
  open(filename, 'w') do |post|
    post.puts "---"
    post.puts "layout: post"
    post.puts "title: \"#{title.gsub(/&/,'&')}\""
    post.puts "    post.puts "published: false"
    post.puts "category: nil
tags:  "
    post.puts "---"
  system "open #{filename}"
rake publish_draft

This task lists all of the draft posts, prompting you to select one. After you select one it:

  • Adds the current date to the file name and front matter.
  • Removes the published: false item.
  • Moves the post to the _posts directory.

This way you can compose draft posts at will. Then when you are ready you can publish them and they will appear that you "released them" on that day.

# usage rake publish_draft
desc "Select a draft to publish from #{source_dir}/#{drafts_dir} on the current date."
task :publish_draft do
  drafts_path = "#{source_dir}/#{drafts_dir}"
  drafts = Dir.glob("#{drafts_path}/*.#{new_post_ext}")
  drafts.each_with_index do |draft, index|
      content =
      if content =~ /\A(---\s*\n.*?\n?)^(---\s*$\n?)/m
        data = YAML.load($1)
    rescue => e
      puts "Error reading file #{draft}: #{e.message}"
    rescue SyntaxError => e
      puts "YAML Exception reading #{draft}: #{e.message}"
    puts "  [#{index}]  #{data['title']}"
  puts "Publish which draft? "
  answer = STDIN.gets.chomp
  if /\d+/.match(answer) and not drafts[answer.to_i].nil?
    mkdir_p "#{source_dir}/#{posts_dir}"
    source = drafts[answer.to_i]
    filename = source.gsub(/#{drafts_path}\//, '')
    dest = "#{source_dir}/#{posts_dir}/#{'%Y-%m-%d')}-#{filename}"
    puts "Publishing post to: #{dest}" { |source_file|
      contents =
      contents.gsub!(/^published: false$/, "date: #{'%Y-%m-%d %H:%M')}"), "w+") { |f| f.write(contents) }
    puts "Index not found!"
rake deploy_heroku    

Finally this task just automates the deployment process to heroku by:

  • Generating your blog.
  • Committing all the files.
  • Pushing both to master and heroku.
# usage     rake deploy_he    roku
desc "Commits all source changes and pushes to master and heroku"
task :deploy_heroku do
  system "git add ."
  message = "Updated Never Stop Building at #{}"
  system "git commit -am '#{message}'"
  system "git push origin master"
  system "git push heroku master"

Now my writing and publishing process is much quicker and more organized. A next step might be to use an automatic job to publish drafts, or specifically tagged drafts, per a set cadence. This would be similar to the tumblr "queue."

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