How To Give A Presentation On Behat And Bdd

I probably should have recorded the presentation, as the video would be way more compelling than just posting the link:

However, here it is, and feel free to use for your own purposes!

Presentation Notes

  1. This presentation is about Behat and BDD Testing!
  2. Read the comic to break the ice. Ha ha ha! Explain that the crux of the message is that very easily, people can be on very different pages, and a strategy for getting everyone on the same page is BDD.
  3. Read the quote in an energetic way and talk about how cool Dan North is.
  4. Explain BDD is just a subset of Test… Driven… Development…
  5. Show how in the whole sphere of TDD there are Unit Tests, Integration Tests, and Functional (BDD) Tests. Hammer home the point that this is not a replacement for anything, but another tool to improve the agile process…
  6. …But how does it work!!!!?
  7. Give an overview of the Gherkin language and how "given," "when," and "then" can be used to describe the business requirement.
  8. Explain the example of the feature file; isn't it cool how plain the language can be?
  9. But how does that work? ZoooOOOoooOOOm.
  10. Go into the nitty gritty of the context files, explaining how developers and QA folks work hand in hand, in a magical collaboration, that yields continuously tested working software.
  11. Drive that point home with this stew pot metaphor, mentioning that it also requires PHP 5.3.
  12. How is it being used now? If it is somewhere on your project, give a demo.
  13. Q&A time.

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