5 Tips For Promoting Your Tumblr Blog

I use Tumblr for this blog that you are reading right now. Recently, I was discussing with a friend (who runs this UX Blog: http://www.uxr.me/) on the strategies I use to promote this blog and manage it's content. Here are the tips, cleaned up, and in fact, the examples are of this very post!

1. Write a real post title.

Cute titles are fun, or even no title sometimes. But if you want to drive search traffic to your blog, then you will want to drive search traffic to your posts, and the titles seem to help in this.

"How to Promote and Publish Your Blog with Tumblr" is better than Tumblr Tips and Tricks, as it drives home what the post is really all about.

Then, you hope that people like your post so much that they check out the rest of your blog.

2. Tag it and bag it.

Sometimes people search Tumblr by tags, so these are not just for your reference, you should think of ones that describe the post and what people might search for:

Tag entry area

The same goes for the auto tweet that is created when you build out your blog; it is not usually in the best form to go to Twitter, so modify it so that it is!

Default social sharing form

Is transformed to:

Improved social sharing message

3. Use the post queue.

I personally get motivated in spurts, and can write a few posts on topics that I am interested in. But blowing that massive load onto the internet all at once will do you no favors. You've got to draw out the magic, so to speak. Just set this:

When to publish dropdown

The Tumblr post queue is great at this, and you should set it to something like "1 post a day between the hours of 9 and 10" or "12 and 1". These are the times when people get to work and eat lunch, so they would be more likely to be browsing the internet, or checking Twitter, or Facebook, and actually read your post.

Post queue settings

Also, the fact that it is one post per day means you can trickle out the content, and keep people engaged and coming back. If I am particularly busy, I might manually schedule posts for a few dates in the future just so that my blog doesn't drop off of the collective radar.

4. Don't hate, syndicate.

Using a sick service like IFTTT, you can set up rules that help you syndicate your posts to other places. Obviously, you should have your blog post to Twitter and Facebook. But check this out:

If this than that example screenshot

Now when I publish any post, IFTTT will create a status update on LinkedIn, so that all of my business contacts can see how smart I am :P

5. Analyze.

The last tip is that you should take advantage of the free Google analytics engine. You will need to create an account, then paste a bit of code in your Tumblr blog template. Once this is done though, you can track page views, demographics and all sorts of cool stuff! Plus, you can see which of your posts have been the most popular, which can help you to learn more about your audience.

Google analytics snapshot

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