Testing Chef Cookbooks With Knife

After a brief hiatus into other topics, we return with the seventh installment in a series on the development of Chef Broiler Plate, in which we go over setting up a robust, TDD framework for Chef cookbook development.

In the last post, we added the Foodcritic to the framework in order to verify cookbook quality. This time, we will add the ability to run the Knife cookbook, testing utility and hook it up to CI. Thanks must go to Nathan Harvey for writing a helpful article on Knife testing.

Prepare a Knife CI Configuration

Knife will need CI specific configuration, so we will create an alternative knife.rb file under our test directory:

current_dir             = File.dirname(__FILE__)
cookbook_path           ["#{current_dir}/../cookbooks"]
cache_type 'BasicFile'
cache_options(:path => "#{ENV['HOME']}/.chef/checksums")

Adding the Rake Task

Now, add a simple Rake task knife_test to our Rake file to run the cookbook testing command, and another Rake task knife_test_ci that will use our customized knife.rb file:

desc "Runs knife cookbook test against all the cookbooks."
task :knife_test do
  sh "bundle exec knife cookbook test -a"

desc "Runs foodcritic against all the cookbooks."
task :knife_test_ci do
  sh "bundle exec knife cookbook test -a -c test/knife.rb"

The -a means that this will test all cookbooks.

Update the Build Task

Now is about the time we will need to split our build task in to build and build_ci, because certain CI tasks will have different reporting outputs, or need different configuration. While developing, we should be running the build task all the time to do testing, so our build task will tend to grow toward something that is more useful for humans while that build_ci task will be better suited to machines for reporting or notifications.

Right now, the only difference I am making is having the build_ci task use the knife_test_ci task in its run list:

desc "Builds the package for ci server."
task :build_ci do

Note, that the order is the reverse of the development of these tasks; this is because I want the suite to "fail fast" either for a syntax error or rule violation before it tries to run the specs.

Update the CI Configuration

We also need to update the Travis file to use our new CI task, simple:

script: "bundle exec rake build_ci"

Hurray! Now, both our CI server and standard build process will run the "knife cookbook test" to ensure our cookbooks are top notch!

Coming up…

In the next post, we will set up a workflow management tool and integrate it into our processes.

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