Preparing For A Power Upgrade

One of the first orders of business in outfitting my house and shop is bringing in some substantial power. The current service is only 100 Amps which will be quickly exceeded by adding all of the machine tools to the shop.

Some initial investigation made me hopeful that we could run a 3 phase power hookup from the utility pole right behind the house. Having dedicated 3 phase power would be great for scrounging up second-hand, heavy duty tools, and it would be just plain cool.

Our plans for the place also involve connecting the house to the garage to expand the shop, and adding a large deck onto the top of that. As you can see from the picture below, the power attaches to the house at a location that would be too close to the deck.

current power location

The plan then, would be to run the power right from the pole to a mast attached to the back of the garage:

top down

Which would eliminate the large wire runs, and let the power enter the garage a short distance from the pole:


possible mast location

It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to run the power to the existing small panel box in the house, then run it all the way back to the garage for a sub panel there, when likely, there will be more regular draw from the shop. Might as well put the primary load center in the shop and run a sub panel to the house. This could be achieved with some conduit run along the existing patio area, which will ultimately be enclosed:

conduit run

The next step is submitting a project plan to BG&E and seeing what is possible.

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