Bdd And Sauce Labs Integration: Php And Ruby

I gave a talk recently, entitled "Still Testing Your Software with Computers?" which focused on improving your end-to-end browser testing with BDD by integrating Cucumber and Behat with SauceLabs. Here are the slides, video of the presentation and a testing walk through. Plus some additional notes.

The Slides

The Presentation

Here is a video of the presentation; one thing that I wanted to mention, after discussing with people afterwards, is that: "you can use SauceLabs without BDD" and "you can use BDD without SauceLabs". This presentation was built with the intent of offering one unified solution to improve team engagement, and better testing with BDD, while also improving automated cross browser testing with Selenium and SauceLabs.

Testing Demo

There is a part of the presentation where I intently look into my computer, but on the screen, you would see me walk through each of the tests and some of the code. Here is a better recording of that part of the presentation:

The Code

Finally, you can find the source code for the presentation over at Github:


Thanks to all who came out and supported, and especially to @TourDeDave and DCAST for holding the meetup. If anyone has any follow up questions, don't hesitate to contact me below!

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