Drop Blog Update: Strange Regex Handling

I've finally got enough of the application put together that I can start using it. This very article was written locally in a simple Markdown editor and upon saving, is updated to the associated project, which in this case, is the DropBox Powered Blog Project.

One curious thing I noticed while deploying, was a puzzling bug between my local development environment and the Heroku production environment. Namely, my regex parsing of the title line worked fine locally, but not on Heroku. Once I pull out the title, I want to strip it out of the render-able content so I can do things with it and not have it double render. This was the culprit:

content.gsub!(/^#\s?.+\n/, '').strip!

This seems like it should replace something like this: # The Title and not this: ## Some Subheading, and it appears to do so locally. But on Heroku, it stripped out every heading. Fortunately, it was just a matter of changing the above to:

content.sub!(/^#\s?.+\n/, '').strip!

That is turning the gsub which is global, to the sub method. This must mean there is something with the way the Regex handles the # character in the expressions that differs between the two environments. For now, I'm glad I fixed the issue, but if anyone knows what the deeper problem is, please let me know.

I'm pleased with the progress. At this point, it will be worth doing a bit of refactoring so that I can easily add features that apply to both articles and projects, as well I also want to tackle some style updates that will get this closer to being "improved in production". The final obstacle now, is really the image handling.

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